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Why people ask only WordPress in development ?

People always ask for WordPress in development, In today’s life, there is much more open source CMS in the market.
But in WordPress, there is so much big community, many more plugins, many more themes available too. WordPress has the big community in the CMS market. Very big level support team in WordPress core system. As per other CMS community development WordPress cover market near about 63%. So its very hard to imagine without WordPress in development.

WordPress have very smooth dashboard so the user can easily understand all things in the dashboard. They can easily manage different theme for their website. Even WordPress provide many more free themes in the WordPress directory. They have more than 2000 themes.

WordPress have very good author team so they add their theme with all standard and security in WordPress directory. Reviver will check their themes and passed it with all standard. After passing these themes users can easily use that themes. All themes are WordPress standard and without errors.

Reviver gets life smooth in development for the user. So the user can upgrade their theme with pro version and get facility all WordPress theme. As per theme standard, we have also created themes with pro version in multiple business world.

We have also launched our new theme Business Cover. That theme also WordPress standard and security sanitize.

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